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One-Stop electronic device development projects

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Let us know your idea, we'll develop your electronic product. R&D, PCB design, Plastic design, prototyping and mass production

One Stop Electronic development solution

You can take profit of one stop development solution, engineers team of Accent Advanced Systems will support you since the first contact. Let us know your idea, product or device and we will develop it for you in all necessary fields: Electronics, software / Firmware, mechanical design, etc...

Necessary steps to get your product successfully:

R&D: our team will study your case individually, and will identify possible critic points to have a solution before get into next steps.

Schematic Design: Once the concept is clear it's time to get involved with schematic design.

Plastic and Metal part design: Our specialized design team will convert your simple product in an spectacular wished gadget

2D and 3D PCB design: Then we have to put all together, so advanced 3D software is needed to shape the PCB's to fit in the final concept design.

Prototyping: Rapid techniques make to build a final prototype easy and fast. We build samples of each piece: Electronic prototype, plastic - rubber - metal prototype

Software / Firmware: All advanced devices are managed with a micro-processor, so a software/firmware is needed.

Mold manufacturing: After customer certifies mechanical prototypes it's time to manufacture molds to be prepared for mass production

Mass production: PCB, PCB-A mass production and plastic injection

Step 1: Product Study
Step 2: R&D
Step 3: Schematic Design
Step 4: Plastic and metal design
Step 5: PCB Design
Step 6: Electronic Prototype
Step 7: Plastic and metal rapid prototype
Step 8: Software / Firmware
Step 9: Mold manufacturing
Step 10: Mass production
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